About "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and..." Magazine

FATA Magazine is published since 2002 and it is the only edition in Russia on the topic of fasteners.

It contains the information on modern products, the equipment for its producing, joining and assembly technologies, the News of the Russian and foreign market.

Audience: Russian manufacturers and sellers of fasteners, adhesives, tools and also top management and technical specialists of construction, machinery and other industries, dealing with joinings and assembly.

Periodicity: 4 times a year. Circulation: 5000 printed copies, 15000 digital copies.

• at the leading specialized exhibitions, professional conferences and other events all over Russia (please, visit www.fastinfo.ru/en/exhibitions/russian_fairs_2018/),
• by subscription and selective dispatches to the related industry specialists and top management,
• PDF-copies are available at www.fastinfo.ru/en/pdfarchive/.

Purpose: We see our mission in providing industry specialists with actual information as well as in promoting foreign companies based on high-quality products and advanced technology into the Russian market.

As a leading media in the related industry the team of FATA Magazine is a co-organizer of conferences and other professional events.

Our support to enter the Russian market

That is what we can do for you:

• Our help in preparing your materials in Russian for publication in the magazine.
• If you are our advertiser,
                  the article about your company's products in our magazine,
                  your banner on our website www.fastinfo.ru
                                                                      can be placed without an extra charge.
• Distributing our advertiser’s flyers at the exhibitions-partners of the magazine.
• Providing advice to our advertisers.
• Based on our rich experience and personal contacts,
help to find partners and to overcome barriers of entering the Russian market.

Welcome to contact:
Ms. Galina Kotelnikova,
Tec Editor of "Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and..." Magazine,
e-mail: fata@fastinfo.ru